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Natural Woven Area Carpets Sheep
Dilana studio natural area carpets are characterised by the absence of the chemical dyeing process and synthetic man made fibres. All materials are natural, harvested and sustainable making these carpets ideal for those with a discerning interest in design and their environment.
The area carpets are made from a woven axminster carpet using simple durable raw materials, wool, dute, cotton, and latex. The digitally controlled loom offers maximum design flexibility producing  plain carpet to heavily patterned.  Using a continuous bank of 8 colours each created by blending wools from black and white sheep also delivers efficiencies to manufacturing small quantities. Each rug is cut to pattern and size with the edges bound.

Dilana natural woven area carpets use 100% natural, sustainably harvested materials and are free of dyes and synthetics. 


Colour range


Attributes of living with a woven wool carpet

  • Low thermal conduction, anti-static, fire and soil resistant
  • Breathes humidity up to 30% of its own dry-weight improving air quality
  • Strong, durable, with unsurpassed fibre resilience and appearance retention
  • Non-allergenic and naturally removes VOC's and improving air quality
  • Wool pile 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable
  • Jute weft renewable, biodegradable and carbon neutral


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